Adventure is Out There

I’ve(Wendi) been in school for the last 3 years and Adam for the last 2 years. When we graduate on May 4th, we will each hold 2 degrees. (Side Note: you’ll definitely want to come back for our May the 4th Graduation post) We are SO DONE WITH SCHOOL! And we are so ready to move on to our next Adventure…

We are both so over-the-moon excited to be joining the ranks of cheerful cast members at Disney World as part of the Disney College Program (DCP for short). Working for The Mouse has been a dream of mine for a long time and fortunately for me, Adam feels the same way.

I will be working as a PhotoPass Photographer and Adam will be working in Merchandise. When we report on June 4th, we’ll receive specific location assignments. Our internships will last until January. Afterwards, we’re hoping to find more permanent positions with the company.

We’ve had a lot of friends complete this program and we’re excited for our own unique version of the adventure. Things will be a little different for us because we’re married. There’s a lot of information out there at DCP in general and DCP for single college students. But finding info about Married Housing or a Married DCP experience is just next to impossible. Hopefully, we’ll be able to share a bit more insight as we go through the program and shed some light for future married hopefuls!

Right now, we’re finishing up our final semester and working on packing and preparing for the move across the country! Stay tuned for regular updates on our current adventures and our preparations for the future.

Adventure is Out There! Join us for the ride!

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