How to Land a Role in the Disney College Program: pt. 3 The Waiting Game

I don’t know about you, but for me, waiting is the hardest part of an application or audition process! And the more I obsess over it, the slower time seems to pass. I find that the best way for me to cope with The Waiting Game is to distract myself with other things I enjoy.

As far as the DCP Application and hiring process, there’s really no telling how long you might have to wait. Some people only wait a few days after their phone interview and some wait closer to a month or more!

I have a few suggestions for ways to distract yourself and make The Waiting Game a little more tolerable.

1.  Coloring Book- Stress Coloring is a real thing, guys! And I love it. Because I am obsessive, the details in stress coloring books help to focus my obsession on something that is actually in my control. Just color away and before you know it, hours have passed. I love coloring and I love Avengers…so you know I’m getting me this awesome Infinity War coloring book!

2.  Get into a good TV show. Netflix is a beautiful time waster. And it’s even more beautiful when you actually WANT to waste some time. Find yourself a TV show with multiple seasons that can really suck you in. Some of my Favorites include: West Wing (7 seasons), NCIS (14 seasons and still running), New Girl (6 Seasons) and FRIENDS (10 hilarious seasons).

3.  Movie Marathon! These days there are multiple movie franchises that could take you DAYS or even WEEKS to watch. At our house, we routinely do Harry Potter marathons or Star Wars or Marvel. With 18+ movies in the MCU, this one takes some time and is a fantastic distraction from real life. (Although, there is part of me that thinks Hydra is a real thing and I need to be training for when the Avengers call me up to fight.) Black Panther comes out on May 15th! But the digital is available May 8th! Pre-order here!

4.  Read a book. Wait…a book? Did you mean Buzzfeed or Reddit? Nope. I mean a book. Find a book about something you enjoy! Or even better…find a series of books you enjoy. (Kingdom Keepers) I love Disney World and the Kingdom Keeper series are so much fun! Find them at this link. Even reading them before I had actually been to Disney World was fun because the author is so descriptive, I felt like I could see all of the different places the Keepers visited. And they’re suitable for the young and the young at heart. So read them as a family!

5.  Find a new hobby! I’m always looking to learn new things. One of the newer hobbies I’ve been trying to pick up is Handlettering/Calligraphy. There are a lot of different resources out there for you to try if this looks fun to you. But I really like this book “Hand-Lettering: An Interactive Guide to the Art of Drawing letters“. It really is hands on and interactive. And that’s the best way to learn! And you can’t forget your writing tools. These brush markers are just what you need to really get started on your way!

6.  Eat your feelings. I’m going to tell you right now, do not spend the entire Waiting Game eating your feelings. But maybe treat yo self once a week. Try a new recipe or buy yourself a cake. I have eaten many a cake as my treat yo self reward.

7.  Legos! This one is for Adam. We are lego people at our house. We have lego BB-8 and Po’s X-Wing and an AT-ST and many micro fighters. We also have many super hero Block Headz! Legos are a fun little distraction from constantly refreshing your email to see if you’ve been accepted to the DCP. Buy yourself some Block Headz friends here

8.  Exercise! Endorphins make for happier people! And happier people don’t stress out about The Waiting Game! (At least…maybe not as much!) I like to combine #3 with exercise. Watching the Avengers reminds me I need to do more squats and push ups. So drop and give yourself 20! 

9.  Take a nap! Waiting is exhausting work! Kick back and take a nap! Maybe set an alarm though so you don’t sleep through something you need to be doing!

10.  Get out of the house! Go to dinner with friends! Go to a movie! Go for a bike ride or a hike! Just get out of the house. Stop looking at your email and making yourself crazy. Keep living your life! Find fun things to do where you are. You might not be there for much longer! Enjoy your current surroundings before you start your exciting DCP adventure!

Hopefully these ideas will help you while you’re waiting to hear about the DCP or anything else in your life! The important thing to remember is that you don’t have control over when or if they accept you! But you do have control over what you do while you’re waiting. Don’t waste that time by making yourself a crazy person! Keeping improving yourself and living your life!

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