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Disney College Program Series: The Bucket List


Our Disney College Program dates are June 4th-January 3rd. We’re in the “Fall Advantage” program, meaning we are there for the fall semester plus the summer before. With all of that time in the program, with access to various discounts and other perks, we will have ample opportunities to revisit some of our Disney World favorites and explore some new-to-us aspects of the parks.

So, I’ve come up with our Disney College Program Bucket List! Here’s what we have so far:

Disney College Program Bucket List

This is just the start of our list. I fully expect it to grow as we get settled in and start figuring out some other unique experiences we want to have. And we will definitely be making a non-Disney bucket list as well. 

If you guys have suggestions, I’d love to hear them! Leave a comment with your MUST DO items while we’re in our program!

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