A Disney Springs Mini-Tour

We had a little down time after our first couple of days of training so we drove over to Disney Springs to spend a little time showing you some of the fun things that await you there! Disney Springs is really quite large, so this video doesn’t even show you the tip of the iceberg! 
It does however, show you Sprinkles frosting shots. Let me tell you that these are a new favorite of mine. They’re only $1.50 and they are a little cup of frosting. JUST FROSTING!!!! You can choose any of the Sprinkles frosting flavors. It was a fantastic little treat and sugar boost.

We also explored the brand new Disney Style store that just opened in Disney Springs. It was a very cool store and I will be returning and spending what I’m sure will be a significant amount of money. Watch the video to see some of the fun products we found there!

Also, we show you a brief look at The World of Disney retail store. Adam learned that this store was the largest Disney retail store…until Shanghai opened. But never fear, The World of Disney is undergoing renovation and, upon completion, will take back that title.

Stay tuned for more Disney Springs adventures!

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