What to Wear to the Parks – Guys Edition

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Recently Wendi wrote an awesome post about what to wear when you travel to Disney or any other theme park. It was catered more to women, but I’m here to help out the guys! A lot of the same principles will apply, but guys get the advantage of having deep pockets and usually comfortable shoes. As Wendi mentioned in her post, it’s really nice to go into a park without having to take a bag. That way you can go through security quickly and not have to lug a lot around. I’ll tailor my suggestions to that end. Here are my tips!

#1. Comfortable shoes

When you go to a theme park, you will do a LOT of walking. When I’ve traveled to the parks I often log about 25,000 steps per day. Most guys’ shoes are comfortable already, but maybe avoid things like high tops or other kinds of shoes that could rub against your heal. I usually just wear my running shoes or similarly built sneakers. Like THESE Nike Pegasus Running shoes from Amazon.

#2. Fun shirts!

It’s not required, but walking into the parks with a fun nerd shirt is the best (to clarify, it is required to wear a shirt). I’ve gotten multiple compliments on my pixilated Star Wars shirt or my Zelda: Breath of the Wild shirt. It’s just fun! I also recommend finding some shirts that are made of breathable material, like workout shirts. I have a Spiderman and Captain America shirt with that material and they breathe really well. If you plan to attend a park during the rainy season, you must plan to get wet. These shirts will be super helpful since they dry so easily. If you don’t have any nerdy shirts, get some! Here’s a similar Spider-Man shirt on amazon for only $12.99!

#3. Comfortable shorts

I’ve gone to Disney many times with normal khaki shorts and I’ve loved them, but recently I’ve found something even better. Costco was (is?) selling long Adidas basketball shorts with zipper pockets. These ones on Amazon look similar! They are amazing. I often get really anxious riding a rollercoaster that my phone is gonna fly out of my pockets. Not with these babies! They also breathe well, so Splash Mountain recovery is quick!

#4. Sunglasses/glasses and a microfiber cloth

I often like to wear my glasses into the park so I can see the shows better. I have sunglass attachments that I keep in my pocket. One thing that drives me nuts is going on a rollercoaster and hooking my glasses onto the inside of my shirt, because then it creates smudges all over. That’s why I bring a small microfiber cloth to clean them off afterward. It’s made a lot of difference.

#5. If rainy season, a poncho

Disney sells ponchos in every gift shop in the park, but they cost $10 each. If you can find a small poncho that folds down well, you should be able to slip it into your pocket and “save it for a rainy day.” In Florida it will often pour rain for about 20 minutes or so, then clear up. On other days, it will rain the whole day. I was at work yesterday without my poncho and got to experience the joy of that firsthand. Save yourself some trouble and some money by buying a poncho BEFORE you get into the park.

#6. Sunscreen/hat

If you can sunscreen yourself before entering the park, that is a good idea. I usually don’t bring it into the park myself, but thought it was important to mention it here so y’all don’t get burnt. It’s also handy to try to wear a hat. They don’t take up much space and they usually have bins on the fast rollercoasters so you can store them during the thrills. Make sure you SPF is at least 30! This Neutrogena is one of our favorites!

Those are the items I regularly bring. Pretty simple. That’s the best way to experience the parks, in my opinion. If you bring a backpack, you will get super sweaty from the humidity. Disney has free water at every quick service food location, so you should be able to effectively stay hydrated. If you want to save a few bucks on money, maybe you can pocket a protein bar or two. But I personally love to keep it simple.

I hope this helped! If you have specific cases or questions, please contact us and we’ll help you pack according to your needs. We’d love to hear from you!

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  1. So a tip, if you wrap your glasses in the ballcap (and then into the pouch) for coasters they are more secure than the inside of your shirt and no smudges!

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