Insider Tips for Conquering Hollywood Studios Park

Hollywood Studios has kind of been overlooked for the last few years as it’s been going through big changes. With the opening of Toy Story Land just recently and the expected opening of several other new attractions, including Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, Hollywood Studios is about to become a much busier park.

In this post, you’re going to get a few tips to help your visit to Hollywood Studios be more comfortable and enjoyable for everyone! They’re in no particular order, just kind of as they popped into my brain!

1. Don’t take photos at the Mickey and Brooms topiary first thing in the morning. You’ll thank me later. The morning might seem like a great time to take photos because everyone is still happy and not sweaty. But for the Mickey Topiary, morning is just not ideal. The sun will be RIGHT IN YOUR EYES! Even if it’s cloudy, you’ll still be squinting with the brightness. Do your whole family a favor and get that photo in the afternoon/early evening.

2. Get to the park for rope drop/opening. With Toy Story Land being BRAND NEW, the crowds are just really crazy. There is currently not a single-rider line for Slinky Dog coaster and it’s wildly popular. Get to the park at least 20 minutes before it’s scheduled to open as sometimes the park will open early. I’ve heard from multiple guests that if you get in right when it opens, you’ll be able to ride all of the rides, multiple times in some cases.

3. If you’re not an early morning person, you need to stay at a Disney Resort hotel and book your FastPasses 60 days in advance. You’ll still only be able to book one (1) FastPass for a Toy Story ride. I would suggest Slinky Dog as your FastPass ride. That line seems to be the longest. If you’re going to be able to visit Hollywood Studios on more than one day, you can get a FastPass for a different Toy Story ride for that other day.

4. Be aware that there is not a ton of shade, especially in Toy Story Land. Come prepared to hydrate and stay cool. Have your cooling towels and water bottles ready. Wear hats. Plan to see some of the shows throughout the day so you have sit-down and cool-down time.

5. Know which eating locations have indoor seating. Of course the Table Service restaurants will have indoor seating with beautiful Air Conditioning. But those are not your only options. Backlot Express will have some limited indoor seating, but they also have outdoor seating. Backlot Express can be found over by Star Tours. ABC Commissary has quite a bit of indoor seating and is located behind the Hyperion Theater (where the Frozen Sing-a-long shows).

6. The First Order marches every hour on the hour (except for 1:00 pm). So if you have a Star Wars crazed kid, you’ll have ample opportunities. It is pretty cool and lasts around 10-15 minutes so you can catch it and move on. Also, on the half hour, there is a Star Wars character show as well. Coordinate well and you can hit the First Order and then the Character show since they happen in the same place.

7. Speaking of Star Wars crazes…the Jedi Training Academy show is a really cool experience for kids age 5-12. They get to work with a Jedi Master and then fight elements of the dark side (i.e. Kylo Ten and Darth Vader). There are photographers on site to take photos too so you can just watch your kid be in Star Wars heaven. But if this is an experience you really want your kid to have, you need to get to the park as soon as it opens and go right to sign up. The sign up is located over by the Indiana Jones show, just down the way from 50’s Prime-Time Diner. There are quite a few shows, but this is an experience that is in high demand so you’ll want to follow these instructions so your kid can get into the show.

8. The Tower of Terror height restriction is 40″. Please keep in mind that just because your kid is tall enough, doesn’t mean they are ready for this ride. It can be quite scary. And while I’m all for encouraging children to step out of the comfort zone, let’s make sure we’re not scarring them for life.

I hope these tips help you out in your planning! If you have any questions about Hollywood Studios, feel free to comment below!

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