Saving For Your Disney Trip

There’s no denying that any Disney Vacation is expensive. Saving for a Disney Trip is one of the first steps in the planning process. It can take some time to save up for your trip. This post is going to talk about how to save for your Disney trip. I have a lot of thoughts about this so let’s just jump right in!

#1- Start Early

There are a few things you should know about me. First, I am a planner. I really like planning ahead. It’s not often that I just kind of “fly by the seat of my pants”, as it were. Second, I have the travel bug. In my family, we’ve decided it’s a genetic thing. My Grandpa can get home from one trip and immediately start wondering when the next trip will be and lamenting the fact that he “never goes anywhere.” I definitely inherited that. And because of that, we have a special “Travel” savings account that we just continually add to for our next trip, whatever and whenever it might be. Basically, we always know there will be a “next trip”. 

If you’re a Disney trip novice, I recommend starting to plan around a year ahead. This will give you a good amount of time to save up and to keep your eye out for deals, discounts, and promotions. Depending on the time of year, you can get discounts on Disney hotel rooms, packages and even FREE DINING PLANS. A year will give you time to figure out approximately how much you might need to save up for your trip. And to make appropriate reservations (but that’s another post for another time). 

#2- Create a Savings Plan

Once you’ve done your early estimating, figure out how much you need to save and break it down into manageable bites. I like to use spreadsheets. I know, I’m a nerd (also hereditary). Here’s an example of how I would breakdown our savings plan…

#3- Find Extra Ways to Find Extra Funds

Obviously your primary source of income will be the first place you start saving from. But sometimes our budgets are already stretched thin. The more creative you are with your money saving, the quicker you’ll be able to save! I have a few suggestions, in addition to having a designated savings account. 

#1- Ibotta app– if you haven’t tried this app, you need to! You’re already going to be buying groceries, so why not make a little extra? You get “cash back” for certain purchases (verified with a receipt you scan into the app) as as for completing certain challenges within the app. Then you can redeem your cash back via Venmo (this is my new favorite method because it’s actually cash right into my bank account) or various gift cards. You can also get bonus cash back by inviting your friends to join in the savings fun. I’ve earned almost $300 by using this app!

***Join by following this link or download the app and put in my referral code hskqwnc. The app is available for android and iOS users. By following my referral link or using my code, you’ll get a $10 bonus when you redeem your first offer!***
#2- Shopkick app- I don’t find this one to be as lucrative as Ibotta, but it’s good for an extra $25-50. And that could cover a meal or souvenir at Disney! Shopkick is still evolving and you can use it similarly to Ibotta or you can use your phone and scan items in the store to earn “kicks”. The nice thing about Shopkick is that you can redeem your kicks for a Disney Gift Card! You’ll get an email with a digital code that you can use to pay for your trip or to pay for things on your vacation. Invite Friends and you each earn 250 kicks!
***Try Shopkick and we’ll both get points toward a free gift card! 😀 Use code GIFT503676 or download

#3- Change jar- We have a jar that we keep on our dresser and every time one of us gets change, we put it in the jar. We also stick our gift cards in the jar and occasionally we add in cash we get for gifts or we just take out a little extra in cash and put it in the jar. And then when we get close to the vacation, we take out the coins and see what we have. It definitely adds up.

#4- Garage/Yard Sale- Everyone has extra stuff laying around that we don’t really use or need to keep. Sell it! With social media, you can even just post your items online to see if your friends or friends-friends have been looking for those things for their lives. You’ll clean out your house and add to your fund!

#5- Don’t Treat Yo Self- This might be one of the only times I say this (haha). But your Disney trip will be the ultimate Treat Yo Self, so you can do without for a few months as you save. Take the money from your Treat Yo Self days and put them in your Travel account.

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