7 Hair Products I Use and Love

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I have a lot of hair. It’s long and I color it and I straighten it and I curl it and I really do my best to see if it will just give up on me and fall out. Haha. Ok, I’ve also tried a lot of different products to off-set the terrible things I put my hair through. And while I was brushing my hair the other day, I thought, “I should make a blog post about my favorite hair products! I’ve spent a lot of time and energy figuring these things out and other people should not spend so much time (and tears) finding these gems!” So here’s a list of 7 Hair Products I Use and Love!

1. Pureology Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner

This is hands down my FAVORITE shampoo and conditioner. It smells amazing and I love how it makes my scalp tingle. My hair loves it because it’s paraben free. My hair is so soft when I use this mighty duo. It’s definitely pricier than what I’ve been using while being budget friendly here in the Disney College Program. But you better believe that the minute I don’t have to scrimp and save every penny as an intern, I will be ordering this ASAP. Buy the shampoo and conditioner on Amazon.

2. Garnier Fructis Hair Smoothing 1-minute Mask

Because you can’t always afford hair luxuries, this is one of my favorite budget-friendly hair products. It has seriously saved my hair. I spend a lot of time in the sun and this mask revitalizes my hair every time I use it. I put it on after I shampoo, while I’m shaving or using my body scrub. And then I rinse and BAM- silky, smooth hair! It comes in 2 different sizes and even the bigger size is under $5!!! Get it here

3. Argan oil of Morocco

When I lived in Utah, I had really hard water and it was drying my hair out like crazy! This Argan Oil of Morocco was a life saver! It helped to moisturize and soften my very dry and brittle hair. I definitely would recommend this to anyone wanting healthy and shiny hair like you see in the commercials! Add this item to your amazon order here.

4. It’s a 10 Leave in Conditioner

I have naturally curly hair and often that means my hair gets really tangled when it’s wet, even using conditioner when I wash. A few sprays of this and it’s easy to comb through my hair post-shower. Plus, it has all kinds of other benefits! As per the back of the bottle…

  • Repairs dry damaged hair. Stops hair breakage.
  • Adds shine, smoothes & controls frizz.
  • Creates silkiness
  • Seals & protects hair color .
  • Enhances natural body
  • Detangles, prevents split ends
  • Flat iron and thermal protector

Order yours on Amazon here!
5. Aussie Mousse

I’ve used A LOT of curl products in my life. Like…A LOT!!! And this one is still my favorite. It has a leave-in conditioner, so it leaves my hair feeling soft and even when I wash it, I don’t feel like my hair is coated in crap I’ll never be able to remove. And the best part is that I buy it from Wal-mart for like $3.

6. Hair Protector Spray

Again, I’ve tried a lot of different heat protector Sprays, but TRESemme’s is just the best. My hair always feel smooth and protected after I use it. And I regularly blow dry, flat iron or curl my hair with a curling iron. I’ve been using this one for YEARS. Join the fan club! Pick it up at Target or Wal-Mart.

7. My Hairbrushes

I actually use 2 different hairbrushes. I use the Wet Brush (like this one) when my hair is wet and then I use a Boar Bristle Hairbrush (get it here) when it’s dry. I feel like using these both keep my hair healthy and I have less breakage across the board. I love them both and highly recommend them!

Now I want to know what your favorites are! Leave a comment below with your must-have hair products!

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