Disney College Program: To Extend or Not to Extend? That is the question.

This last week Disney College Program extensions became available. For 5 days, the system allowed the Fall and Fall Advantage participants to apply for an extension. This could include an extension for your current role, or a possible transfer to another role. And you have to pay another program fee of $240. (This money goes towards the transportation and events provided while you’re in your program.)

Let’s discuss the reasons you might want to extend:
#1- You are still working on your college degree but want to take another semester off to continue to work at Disney.
#2- You are enjoying your time at Disney, but you aren’t sure if a permanent move is right for you.
#3- You want to move here permanently, but you’re not sure if you’ll be able to get on Part Time or Full Time.

Let’s discuss the reasons extending might not be for you:
#1- You want to make a permanent move to Disney and you’re tired of earning $10/hour.
#2- You want to stay at Disney and you want to be able to start earning your seniority and other perks of statused employment at the company.
#3- You hope to get a performer contract at Disney
#4- You want to go home or somewhere else.

For us, we won’t be extending. We want to stay here long term. We want to be able to audition for parts in shows and not have our program get in the way. We want to be able to apply for jobs and not have our program get in the way. Instead, we will be using Transfer Genie in November to request a transfer to full or part time roles (assuming we don’t get other offers we’re waiting to hear about).

Please make sure you talk to your leaders and discuss your future options! Cultivate relationships with your colleagues and build a network of people who can cheer you on and advise you as you start your Disney career journey!

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