A Whole New Look

Welcome to our new website! We’re really excited about the new design, the new functionality and the new possibilities! We have a couple of new videos and blogs coming down the pipeline, so stay tuned! And the website will just keep getting better and better over the next weeks and months!

Thanks for spending time on our site and reading about our adventures! Hopefully you find a few helpful tips along the way as well! If there’s ever anything you want to know about, let us know! We’re always open to new ideas for adventures!

If you’re brand new to Our Adventuring Book, we’ll give you little background. We’re Adam and Wendi and we recently graduated with degrees in Vocal Performance (Adam got his Masters and Wendi got a second Bachelors). We love music, Disney and going on adventures together! We are giant nerds and own all of the Marvel movies and watch them frequently. Our nerdyness doesn’t end there! Star Wars, Legos, DC Comics, Musicals…and the list goes on!

We’re always working on our Plan B for life because we’ve found Plan A rarely works out. We have had infertility issues and because of that, we haven’t been able to have children, even though we’d love to be parents. These circumstances have led us to seek other adventures in life and try to help others find happiness in whatever their Plan B might end up being!

We’ve had a lot of interesting experiences in life and just want to share some of them with you! We’ll try not to be too awkward and endeavor to be somewhat helpful. Beyond that, we make no guarantees.

Anyway, thanks for reading and following us as we build Our Adventuring Book!11d22-infinity2bwar2bselfie


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