Black Friday Shopping Guide for Beginners

I know some of you are thinking “Black Friday is the worst and I’m going to die and no discount is worth that!”

I am here to tell you that not only is it survivable, but it can be super fun! I’ve been Black Friday shopping since I was about 12 years old. My mom, aunt, grandma, sister and then later, sisters in law, have a tradition of going shopping. And we love it! It’s a fun way for us to spend time together. And now the little kids love it because they get to hang out together with Grandpa and whatever uncles don’t go shopping. Living in a different state this year, I’m sad to report I’m missing out on the big Black Friday Shopping party. But my brother will be in town and we’re going to go to a few stores together!

Basically, 20+ years of Black Friday Shopping makes me pretty qualified to give you some tips if this is the year you try to venture out. So get ready to save money and have some fun!


Step 1: Look Through the Ads

The Ads are usually posted online a few weeks before the actual date. When it gets closer you can find them on the retailer websites. But if you want to find them all in one place, check out this Black Friday website.

Step 2: Compare your Christmas Lists to the Ads

There might be a lot of attractive deals in those Ads. Don’t be tempted to over-spend by buying things you don’t need. Make sure you compare your Christmas Lists to what is on sale in the ads. If your family has been looking for an Amazon Echo Dot, there’s one at Target, Walmart, Kohl’s…and more. Which leads us to-

Step 3: Write out your Shopping Lists

This one is important. As you’re comparing your lists, write down all of the items you’re interested at each store. Be sure and write what time each store opens! Here are what mine look like…


Some years you might have a lot of things to shop for. I happened to do a bunch of my shopping, specifically for my nieces and nephews, earlier. So I don’t have toys or anything like that to put on my list. But you can see that my Target list is longer. Although, I did list out movies on Target and not on Walmart.

Step 4: Prioritize

Look at the stores you’re interested in going to…which one opens first? If a few open at the same time, which one has the deal you NEED to get or Christmas will be ruined? Are there any of these deals you can get online when the stores launch their online Black Friday deals?

SIDE NOTE: Online deals can start any time in November. Walmart and Black Friday roll out online deals throughout the month. Same with Amazon. Most retailers will withhold the big DOORBUSTERS until Thursday at 12:01 am.

Step 5: Shopping Avengers, Assemble

This is always a little easier if you have a group you shop with. If there’s more than one of you, you can divide and conquer. One can head to movies, the other to toys, and yet another to electronics. You share lists and get what you all need. And then you meet back at the checkout and whoever is done first gets in line because sometimes those can get LOOONG.


Make sure you do your research and figure out if the things you want to buy are really a great discount. Sometimes they look like good deals, but actually the store sells them for that price pretty regularly.

I promise this can be a fun adventure full of saving money and spending time with friends! It can even turn into a fun tradition! If you’ve been reluctant to try it out, ease in a bit. Go Friday morning and scope out the movies that are left at Target after the big rush. We’ve done this before and found quite a few gems remaining and most places have their deals last until 1 pm Friday. Or dip your toe in by shopping online this year.

I want to hear about your favorite Black Friday Adventures! Or tell me what your Black Friday concerns are and maybe I can help you out!


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