A New Adventure on the Horizon

So it’s been a little while since we’ve updated things here on our blog. It’s been a really crazy time. We moved into a new apartment right after Christmas, transferred to new positions, had the rest of our furniture brought to us, spent time with multiple family members and friends and tried to figure out what future plans we might need to make. Adam has been doing auditions and looking at performing and teaching. We’ve been looking at a lot of different career options for both of us. And one of those options led me (Wendi) to apply to grad school at Florida State University.

As fate would have it (I’m sure it was strictly fate and had nothing to do with the fact that I worked my rear off in school and took advantage of all of many different opportunities and the fantastic support I had from some truly great and encouraging people), I got accepted into my program! I’m going to be attending FSU to complete my Master of Arts degree in Arts Administration-Music. I’ve also been given an incredible Graduate Assistantship which will cover my tuition and provide me with a stipend to help with living expenses as well.

When I decided to go back for my Bachelor Degree in Vocal Performance, I did so knowing I would end up going on to receive a Masters and possibly a Doctorate. I worked hard during my time as a performance major and took advantage of a variety of performing and production opportunities. I looked outside of the school to find even more chances to learn and develop. I knew that as a less-than-conventional student, I would need to work harder and find different avenues to get me where I wanted to go.

To be honest, I wasn’t 100% sure where I wanted to go. But I knew I loved music, I loved teaching and I loved helping other people enjoy the arts. Becoming an arts administrator makes sense for me. As part of my Graduate Assistantship, I will work with community engagement for the College of Music. This is something I am just so excited for. I want to help our communities understand how important the arts are! I want people to see how much more enriched life is with music and art and theater. I want kids to become passionate about watching, listening to and enjoying artistic offerings. And I want to play a role in the arts being an integral part of our civilization for a LONG time!

Like every journey, I had hecklers on the sidelines who told me I would be limited. People who didn’t believe I could do it. Or people who wanted to limit what “it” was. You know what, those people just made me work harder.  I took me a little bit before I realized that no one else got to measure my success but me. However, once I did, it was incredibly liberating. When obstacles were thrown up in front of me, I climbed over them, and in some case just plowed right through. I’m sure there are still plenty of skeptics out there. But, frankly…I really just don’t care.

And of course I wouldn’t have made it anywhere without my untiring cheerleaders. Thank heavens for friends who made me stop and enjoy some ice cream or a movie. I was lucky to have a couple of extra supportive teachers that encouraged me to reach further than I thought I could. My parents have helped us so much with housing during our Utah degrees and unending support while we’ve been in Orlando. And of course, Adam has been nothing but encouraging the whole time.

Getting an education shouldn’t be easy. Learning new things shouldn’t be simple. And your career isn’t something that should just be handed to you. Because I’ve had to work and fight for where I am, I have learned so many valuable lessons that I know will help me as I continue to learn and grow and progress down this path. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right? Well, right now I’m feeling like freaking Iron Man.

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