Why We Decided to Blog

We’ve been doing this blogging thing for a few months now. And many of you might be wondering why we started this blog and the YouTube channel. I figured it was time that we talked a little bit more about our adventure and why we’re sharing it on this blog.

As I’m sure you’ve deduced, we’ve always loved Disney and we’ve spent a lot of time planning and going on Disney adventures.  Now that we’re living here, we thought it might give us an opportunity to share some of that knowledge and experience. And with our close proximity, we could keep updating information and make things fun too! We know there are a lot of travel bloggers and vloggers out there and plenty of them specialize in Disney. But we have our own unique perspective on things and thought others might benefit from that.

We also wanted a way to chronicle our own adventures. In a way, this blog and videos are a kind of journal for us. We can keep track of our own adventures and what we learn from our experiences out here.

There are a lot of people out there making money from blogging and vlogging. And while we don’t expect to make our millions and quit our day jobs, it would be nice if we could make a little money from our blog and help us pay our bills and student loans. I’ve done a little research and we became Amazon Affiliates so we could post links of products we like and recommend and possible make a little side income from the blog. We’ve only just begun, so things are still struggling to get up, but hopefully our hard work will pay off (literally…we’d like to pay off our student loans)!

Anyway, so as you read through our blog and notice Amazon ads or our affiliate links, that’s why. We’re out here working out tails off during our Disney College Program, but we’re also working hard to make our Blog and YouTube Channel successful. We’d love your help with that! Please share our blog and YouTube Channel with your friends who might be interested!

And we would love your feedback on our content! Are there things you’d like to hear about? Please leave comments! We’re just kind of playing it by ear right now and hoping we can guess what our audience wants. But it would be better if you told us! Do you want to hear more about us as a couple and our journey here? Or would you like more Disney dining details? Attractions recommendations? Planning tips? Weather reports? Movie reviews? We want to give you what you want to read!

Leave some suggestions in the comments! We want to get to know our readers!

How to Become the Favorite Aunt

Moving across the country was hard, and not just because the drive was SO LONG (have I mentioned how LONG the drive was?). Leaving family and friends is never an easy thing. I’ve done it before, but not when I had nieces and nephews. This time was a whole different ballgame. I love spending time with my kiddos. Over the last 8.5 years (HOW DID THEY GET SO OLD? I didn’t age, how did they?), we’ve gone on many adventures together, we’ve learned about music, we’ve sung songs, learned dances, watched “Baldy and Cheeny” together, fought with lightsabers, made cookies and brownies and I just have loved every minute of it.

Basically, I’ve spent a decent amount of time thinking about the cuties I left back west and I’ve wondered about how I *hope* I’ve made a difference in their lives. Obviously, distance doesn’t mean what it once did and I look forward to finding new and creative ways to stay involved in their lives. But these are Five Steps I’ve come with to put you on the road to being “The Favorite Aunt” (or uncle).

Step One: Have nieces and/or nephews or, you know, borrow some. Maybe you’re an only child, so biological nieces and nephews are out of the question. I was “Aunt Wendi” long before my siblings had kids. When my close friends had kids, that’s just who I became. And it was a title I happily embraced. I felt lucky to be invited to all of the important life events and be part of their lives. When my brother and sister started their families, I’d already had a few years of practice being a pretty awesome aunt.

Step Two: Care about what they do and say. I love listening to the kids tell me about their day, or about their dance class, or about how mean their sister was at breakfast. I like when my nephew tells me about the newest addition to his Transformers collection or how he built legos with his dad on the weekend. I love having these little people conversations. They have interests and feelings too and sometimes it’s a struggle for them to get the words out, but if you sit patiently and listen, they’ll realize they have an ally and an advocate and someone they can always talk to, no matter what.

Step Three: Share with them what is important to you. My kiddlets might not want to sit and listen to me talk about the history of Musical Theatre or spout random Disney facts at them all day. I mean, they like Disney stuff, but they’d rather watch POV’s of Disney rides on YouTube than listen to me talk about the food booths at the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival. So I try to sneak in some of my favorite things whenever I can. My niece “A” is 4 years old and one day we were watching some YouTube video and I told her about Puccini and Vivaldi because their music was part of the videos we were watching. And then I showed her some other videos, including The Piano Guys. And now she regularly comes up to me and asks if we can watch “Cheeny and Baldy” together. I think she thinks those are the names of The Piano Guys, but it’s a step.

Step Four: Spend time with them. Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, brother, sister, friend, whatever, the #1 thing any child wants from you is your time. In a world where a state feels it necessary to legalize “Free Range Parenting”, I think it’s important that while we’re providing plenty of freedom for kids to explore their creativity, kids also need meaningful interaction with their parents and other influential adults. I’ve been lucky enough to live close to my nieces and nephews so I get to see them regularly. Sometimes they come with me to run errands. Sometimes we read together. Sometimes we watch Julie’s Greenroom together on Netflix. Sometimes we just have wild and crazy dance parties. Last weekend, my niece “K” helped me make brownies for our studio recital. Or we play hide and seek or some other game the kids request. They really thrive with this personalized attention, and they remember that you were willing to give it to them.

Step Five: Bribery is a thing too. I mean, I definitely have expectations for my nieces and nephews and I’m not just the “fun aunt”, but sometimes it’s fun to “sugar ‘em up” and ship them home to their parents. Haha.

Obviously I call myself the “favorite aunt” as a joke. These kids are lucky to have so many aunts and uncles who love them so much. I do take my responsibility as an aunt pretty seriously. I’ve told Adam multiple times that if I would be embarrassed to tell my nieces or nephews about something I did, I probably shouldn’t do it. I want them to be able to look up to me and follow my example. I want them to be excited when they find things they have in common with me. And I want them to see what they can do if they work hard and try to make good decisions. I love my nieces and nephews so much and I hope they always know that.

The Road to DCP: The Whole Video Diary

We left for our DCP road trip on May 30th and arrived in Orlando on June 3rd. In between, we drove through 8 states and changed time zones twice. We spent the night in 3 hotels and with my brother in Alabama for 2 nights. We bought a lot of gas to keep the cars going and we ate more snacks than is probably healthy, but you gotta do what you gotta do. 
These videos are all on our YouTube Channel but I thought I’d put them all here in a single blog post for easy access. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel because the videos are going to be rolling out a lot more now and they’ll be full of fun tips and tricks for visiting Disney World and the surrounding area.
Enjoy a brief look into the madness that was our cross-country drive to the DCP!
Day One
Day Two
Day Three
Day Four
Day Five
Day Six

Happy Infinity War Day!! (Don’t worry, no spoilers)

Today is Avengers: Infinity War Day!!! Wendi and I are huge MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) fans, and we’ve been waiting for ten years to have this movie come out. We own all of the other ones and watch them on a regular basis.

So, what makes these movies so enticing? We love the concepts of heroes. Their origin stories, how they get put in the positions they are put in, and the sacrifices they make along the way. I have been a huge superhero fan for quite some time. Anyone that knows me knows that I wear superhero or video game t-shirts 90% of the time. For me it started with cartoons a long time ago. I grew up watching Spider-Man, X-Men, and Batman. Then came even more favorites, like Batman Beyond, Justice League, Young Justice, etc. In the animated world, DC reigns supreme, but Marvel live-action movies are so great with their storytelling and characters, which has drawn us in.

All of the DC cartoon movies/shows
The MCU Collection

What amazes me is the filmmakers’ ability to have a bigger picture and weave the movies into one another. Seeing the first Avengers movie a few years ago was mind-blowing to me. I loved seeing all of the heroes coming together and using their powers to fight such a giant evil presence. I especially loved the scene when they pan across all of the heroes kicking butt throughout the city in a single shot.

The MCU does a great job at creating characters that you can relate to. Wendi and her friend Amy watch Marvel movies together from opposite ends of the country all the time and I know they view the characters like they’re family or friends. Because you get to see these characters across multiple movies, you get to know them even better. Leading up to the movie, Wendi has been legitimately concerned for what may happen to her friends in Infinity War. The stress has been real.

For me, the love of superheroes reminds me to not take life too seriously. I feel like I’m a part of a community where everyone can share their passion for the fandom. I’m also living proof that you can be Team Marvel and Team DC simultaneously! Seriously folks, check out some DC cartoon series and movies.

Who else out there loves superhero movies?? And why? Please let us know your thoughts, and if you have a favorite superhero! (Mine is The Flash, in case you didn’t already know. Wendi’s is Captain America.)

New attire for Infinity War!!

Our accidental nerd-matching is more common than you’d think!

Adventure is Out There

I’ve(Wendi) been in school for the last 3 years and Adam for the last 2 years. When we graduate on May 4th, we will each hold 2 degrees. (Side Note: you’ll definitely want to come back for our May the 4th Graduation post) We are SO DONE WITH SCHOOL! And we are so ready to move on to our next Adventure…

We are both so over-the-moon excited to be joining the ranks of cheerful cast members at Disney World as part of the Disney College Program (DCP for short). Working for The Mouse has been a dream of mine for a long time and fortunately for me, Adam feels the same way.

I will be working as a PhotoPass Photographer and Adam will be working in Merchandise. When we report on June 4th, we’ll receive specific location assignments. Our internships will last until January. Afterwards, we’re hoping to find more permanent positions with the company.

We’ve had a lot of friends complete this program and we’re excited for our own unique version of the adventure. Things will be a little different for us because we’re married. There’s a lot of information out there at DCP in general and DCP for single college students. But finding info about Married Housing or a Married DCP experience is just next to impossible. Hopefully, we’ll be able to share a bit more insight as we go through the program and shed some light for future married hopefuls!

Right now, we’re finishing up our final semester and working on packing and preparing for the move across the country! Stay tuned for regular updates on our current adventures and our preparations for the future.

Adventure is Out There! Join us for the ride!

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