Why We Decided to Blog

We’ve been doing this blogging thing for a few months now. And many of you might be wondering why we started this blog and the YouTube channel. I figured it was time that we talked a little bit more about our adventure and why we’re sharing it on this blog.

As I’m sure you’ve deduced, we’ve always loved Disney and we’ve spent a lot of time planning and going on Disney adventures.  Now that we’re living here, we thought it might give us an opportunity to share some of that knowledge and experience. And with our close proximity, we could keep updating information and make things fun too! We know there are a lot of travel bloggers and vloggers out there and plenty of them specialize in Disney. But we have our own unique perspective on things and thought others might benefit from that.

We also wanted a way to chronicle our own adventures. In a way, this blog and videos are a kind of journal for us. We can keep track of our own adventures and what we learn from our experiences out here.

There are a lot of people out there making money from blogging and vlogging. And while we don’t expect to make our millions and quit our day jobs, it would be nice if we could make a little money from our blog and help us pay our bills and student loans. I’ve done a little research and we became Amazon Affiliates so we could post links of products we like and recommend and possible make a little side income from the blog. We’ve only just begun, so things are still struggling to get up, but hopefully our hard work will pay off (literally…we’d like to pay off our student loans)!

Anyway, so as you read through our blog and notice Amazon ads or our affiliate links, that’s why. We’re out here working out tails off during our Disney College Program, but we’re also working hard to make our Blog and YouTube Channel successful. We’d love your help with that! Please share our blog and YouTube Channel with your friends who might be interested!

And we would love your feedback on our content! Are there things you’d like to hear about? Please leave comments! We’re just kind of playing it by ear right now and hoping we can guess what our audience wants. But it would be better if you told us! Do you want to hear more about us as a couple and our journey here? Or would you like more Disney dining details? Attractions recommendations? Planning tips? Weather reports? Movie reviews? We want to give you what you want to read!

Leave some suggestions in the comments! We want to get to know our readers!

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