Trip #3 to the Epcot Food and Wine Festival

The drinking Chocolate was SO RICH! It needed Whipped Cream, though in fairness, I feel like a lot of things need whipped cream, or MORE whipped cream. It’s my Leslie Knope side. This is definitely shareable! I don’t know if anyone could chug a whole cup of this.

The Grilled Tuna was AMAZING!!! I wanted to eat like 4 plates of this! The tuna was so flavorful and tender and fresh and I will be getting it again. I especially loved the wasabi cream sauce. Yum! Get this at the Hawaii Booth!

Adam also tried the Spam Hash at the Hawaii booth. He ate it. He said it was fine. He wished that the potatoes had been crispier.

We revisited the Creme Brulee with raspberry preserves in France and Adam treated himself to something outside the festival and got some ice cream in the France pavilion.

All in all, it was definitely a great trip! And next time will be our 4th trip and we can get our free Passholder cutting board!

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