How to Land a Role in the Disney College Program: pt. 4 Packing for the Disney College Program

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Today’s video talks about our preparations for our move to Florida and the Disney College Program. Specifically, I give tips about how we are packing for our big move across the country. While we happen to be driving and plan on living in the furnished apartments provided by the program, we talk about tips that are applicable to any big move.

In the video, we talk about some specific items that we’ve found extremely helpful in our packing and preparations. I wanted to provide links to these items so you can take a look and grab some for yourself.

Space Saver Vacuum Zip Bags can be found here.

These are similar to the containers we use for our toiletries and other small miscellaneous items.

We got our large totes at Costco, but they are heavy duty like this Rubbermaid container.

We have multiple accordion files that we use at our house. These ones are so great! I always use one when we go on vacation and they’re great for keeping track of your important documents for the move!

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