The Best Ballet Flats I’ve Ever Worn

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I’ve tried a lot of shoes in my day. I mean A LOT! I’ve finally found that Sketchers are the right kind of tennis shoes for my feet. I sure do like my Nike memory foam flip flops. And I like Steve Madden heels.

I have small feet. Size 6, so not child-sized, but small for my 5’6″ height. And my feet really like to be comfortable when at all possible. I have a tendency to find shoes that I really like the look of, but they are a little too wide for my heel and then they slip and I get blisters. Or they’re too wide at the front and my foot feels like it’s swimming.

When I found out I was accepted to the Disney College Program, I set out reading as much information as I possibly could. I found out that there would be times in training and in classes where I would need to be dressed in business casual apparel, but there might be extensive walking, like around parks. I don’t like walking distances in heels. Sorry, I’m just not one of those people. So I set out looking for some comfortable flats that were stylish and wouldn’t give me blisters (you’d think that would go with “comfortable” but you’d be surprised at what I have put up with in the past).

I put it out in the Facebook world to see what others thought. I also didn’t want to spend a ton because 1) I just graduated, I’m not rolling in the dough yet and 2) if I liked them, I’d want to buy more than one pair. My friend Amy, from whom I get all my best ideas, told me about Oka-B shoes.

I managed to find some online at DSW that were on sale. So I bought them to give them a try. My feet have rarely been happier (in shoes).

These shoes make me feel like I’m wearing a grown up version of jelly shoes from my youth. But they have actual support like my spoiled adult self has come to hope for. These are the Taylor style Oka-B flat. There are sandals and flip flops and flats with decorations.

Do you see that beautiful arch support in there? Oh my goodness! I typically get pain in the tops of my feet and my shins when I wear other flats. But not these! I’ve given them a pretty good work out too! I’ve worn them multiple days on campus, hiking (literally because my campus is on a mountain side) and I’ve worn them substitute teaching elementary school and walking around while running many errands. I’m excited to try them out in the Disney parks!

They hug my feel in such a happy way. They don’t feel tight, but they don’t move around on my heel. I seriously can not recommend these enough! And they’re quite affordable! On Amazon, you can find them consistently around the high $30 to low $40 range. And sometimes you can find them even cheaper!

The one potential downside is that they do not come in 1/2 sizes. So if you’re in between sizes, you might want to try a couple to see. Fortunately, Amazon has Free Returns! (Man, I love Amazon.) I’m usually between a 5.5 and a 6.5 when I buy shoes. The size 6 is great for me.

I only have the one pair right now, but I plan on getting another pair or two soon. I have my eye on the Dorothy style. They have sparkles! Do yourself a favor and buy yourself a pair of these shoes! I want them all!

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